What’s Left of Me

What’s Left of Me: How I lost a fight with a rogue hippo and won my life

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I’m proud to announce that Hawkings Post has agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the What’s Left of Me book sales to Project XI, which aims to help our returning veterans who are suffering through PTSD adjust back to life in the States. You can learn more about Project XI here.


A note from the author

After more years of writing, revising and rewriting than it probably should have taken me, I’m delighted and relieved to announce that What’s Left of Me: How I lost a fight with a rogue hippo and won my life is ready to be read by someone other than my long-suffering editor.

People have been bugging me for years to write a book; they seem to find my story entertaining and think that by sharing my experiences, I can help people.

For every copy of What’s Left of Me purchased on www.hawkingspost.com, we’ll donate $1 to Project XI, one of my Foundation’s initiatives designed in appreciation of our veterans service that supports their re-entry into their lives when they get “back home.” Who’d have thought that my PTSD and connection to the Army would turn out to be this useful? I guess there are some advantages to having been up to my backside down a hippo’s throat? Go figure! Please read the first chapter above and if you like it, follow the “purchase” link to buy a copy.



“An engrossing, thrilling, rewarding read. And all the more remarkable because it is true.” Richard Farrell, Author, The Art of Software Support and The Zeit Guy Chronicles

“Paul’s life shows that it’s not how hard you fall, but whether you get back up and how you use your past and present experiences to create your future.”  Paul G. Johnson, Founder, The Bloomfield Group

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