An ontological coach, Paul is a founding partner with the global consulting company, opusdynamic an organization committed to helping clients to adopt a culture of accountability and be more profitable. Opusdynamic specializes in:

  1. Leadership, Management and Team Development
  2. Conflict Resolution and Team Optimization
  3. Process and Practice Re-Engineering
  4. Events, Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Opusdynamic associates have spent the past 20 years helping global, high-performing organizations implement Commitment-Based-Management Methodology and Somatic Practices to achieve unprecedented success. Their diverse roster of clients ranges from members of the military to professional and amateur athletes to privately and publicly held corporations.

Paul’s specialty is further developing high-performing leaders and teams by leveraging experiential learning to deliver unprecedented results for organizations in the area of cultural and change management.

Paul says of his work: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a catalyst for productive change in people’s lives. I work with high performing individuals and teams (organizations) who are committed to raising the level of their game… I support them in their journey to embody new competencies, find new ways to live with dignity, and to move more powerfully in their lives.”

Learn more about opusdynamic at our website here


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