About Paul

The life and times of Paul Templer… to date

Tell me something about this Bad Day at the Office chap. Well, one thing that’s pretty unique about him is that one-day he found himself headfirst, up to his backside, down an enraged hippopotamus’s throat – now that’s a bad day at the office!

That’s not good… how’d he get there?

Born in Africa, he grew up amidst war and strife. Wanderlust struck and he traveled the globe, served with Her Majesty’s Forces (British Army), led extreme expeditions to some of the last uncharted places left on earth before settling down to lead safaris back in his native homeland.

No… how’d he end up headfirst down a hippos throat? 

Oh, he was trying to save someone’s life.

Then what? 

It didn’t work out so well. He got chewed up pretty badly… including getting his arm chopped off.

Wait a minute… have I seen him on TV?

Probably – if you watch National Geographic, Discovery Channel or the BBC (to name a few) you’re likely to see or have seen him.

That sure was a bad day at the office!


Is there a happy ending? 

Sure is. After being grumpy for a while he decided to get his act together. He led an historic three-month long expedition down the Zambezi River, which had never been paddled from its source to the sea before – he modified a paddle and kayaked it with one arm. Then he fell in love, got married, started a family and a successful global consultancy; coauthored an anthology Success Simplified with Stephen Covey and a few others, just had his new book What’s Left of Me published; works on documentaries with National Geographic and Discovery; established a foundation focused on helping people to live more fully in their lives with dignity (including veterans and their families as they learn to navigate their lives living with PTSD) … oh, and he learned how to change a diaper with one hand.

He’s been busy. He should be one of those Motivational Speakers?

He is one of those motivational speakers. When meeting planners are looking for a “wow-experience” that’s when they call Paul. He takes attendees on an emotional roller coaster ride… they laugh, cry, gasp, shake their heads in disbelief… they consistently report leaving motivated; inspired to scrap the grumpy victim shuffle we all occasionally adopt when life doesn’t work out the way we want it to – choosing instead to look for and to make the most out of whatever it is that life has to offer. After all, we might as well given that BS is optional.


Oh BS, being stressed. That book I mentioned that he contributed to, Success Simplified – his chapter was entitled “Mood is everything” and not only does he show you how being stressed is optional, he shows you what you can do to stop being grumpy… if you want to.

He sounds kinda funny?

He is… kinda. He’s really down to earth and very easy to work with too.

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